Website Care Plan Details

The quarterly plan will consist of executing the following services. Creative Clarity will:

  • Update WordPress to the latest version

    Including software, theme and all plugins

  • Backup website database and site files

    2 x backups will be kept on a secure cloud server

  • Optimise the WordPress database

    Reduces your page loading time to keep your website running smoothly

  • Compress & Optimise Images

    Improves website performance by reducing the image size which increased your SEO ranking

  • Run regular security and performance scans

    To make sure your site isn’t prone to a hack

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. You are under no obligation to continue the ongoing service. We just ask you give us 14 days notice so we can carry out our last thorough update of the website and remove our administrator credentials.

What if I would like some changes done to my website? Is this included? 

We offer 1 hour of free updates/changes (e.g. changing your home page slider image, text, etc) every quarter as part of our website care plan.

How do I contact you when I have a problem?

We provide a support ticket desk for quick turnaround and tracking of all support requests. You can submit all requests to and we will reply within normal business hours.

What if my website has been hacked?

The good news is, if you have purchased our website care plan, we have a backup of your website on a secure cloud server. If your website has been hacked we can either try to clean it*, or worse case scenario we will revert back to a previous back up.

*Additional charges may apply.